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You need to invest in developers

Investing in your people not only helps build essential, competitive skills but it can also reduce employee churn that will disrupt projects. Show me any highly effective dev team and I’ll show you passionate learners that share knowledge and try new things. These things go hand in hand.

AZ 203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Study Guide

As a Microsoft employee who works with customers and a cloud enthusiast, I see it essential to be knowledgeable of how the cloud can bring the best value to the developer. Because of this, I am taking the AZ 203 exam, which is titled “Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure”. This exam was in beta for some time and was recently released proper in January 2019. Developers used to the Microsoft certification world will see this exam as a replacement for 70-532, which is the older iteration of Azure technology geared for developers. Passing this exam will reward developers with the “Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate” certification. Going forward, most Microsoft certifications are moving to a job-role based (great take by Chris Pietschmann at Build Azure) approach, which in my opinion is a good move, as it allows folks to focus on passing exams that contain content that will directly be used on the job.

Git in Education

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman introduces one of our training offerings – the Microsoft Git Solutions workshop.With Premier Support for Developers, our customers have access to many resources including education. Case in point is our Microsoft Git Solutions workshop. This educational opportunity is a two-day ...

Team Foundation Server 2015 upgrade planning

The Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management blog is a great resource to help you stay informed of current announcements and guidance material. If you are in the process of planning your move to Team Foundation Server 2015, be sure and reach out to your ADM who can help with training, guidance, and support throughout the effort to ensure ...