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Windows Universal App Development (Workshop and Briefing)

We hope you’ve been able to watch some of the Build and Ignite sessions over the last few weeks. If the content on Windows 10 piqued your interest, Premier Developer has training materials available. Now you can build one app that runs on all Windows devices and design your pages so they render properly no matter what device is used to view them. Run your app on a Windows phone, a Windows desktop, or Xbox. It’s the same app package!

The 3-day workshop will give your developers the required knowledge to start developing these Universal Windows apps. You’ll learn about adaptive and responsive UI, Process Lifetime Management, Tiles and Notifications, background tasks, and networking to name but a few. After this workshop, you will feel confident about developing a universal app for any Windows system.

The briefing will give you an introduction to developing these Universal Windows apps. You’ll learn about adaptive and responsive UI, Process Lifetime Management, Tiles and Notifications, background tasks, and networking to name but a few. After this briefing, you will have a solid understanding what it means to develop a universal app for any Windows system.

Windows 10, Windows Phone, and UWP Windows 8.1 introduced Universal Windows 8 apps, which allow you to develop an app that targets both Windows and Windows Phone from a shared codebase. Windows 10 goes far beyond this capability and introduces UWP apps and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which provides a guaranteed core API layer across devices. You can create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices. A single store makes it easy to publish apps across all device types.

Developing Universal Windows Apps using XAML (Workshop)

This 3-day workshop provides students with theoretical and hands on experience with developing Universal Windows Apps using Visual Studio and Blend. Students will home in on the UI aspects of Universal apps. It covers both basic concepts as well more advanced architectural paradigms like MVVM. The workshop consists of presentations, involving many practical coding examples as well as hands on labs.

The class covers both foundational concepts needed to understand Universal Windows Apps as well ways of combining this knowledge into developing real life applications.

  • Learn about the tools used to develop Universal Windows Apps with XAML.
  • Understand the XAML class hierarchy and its special concepts inherent to dependency and attached properties.
  • Understand the use of styles and templates and how to apply them to existing and new controls.
  • Understand databinding concepts and how they support a development paradigm allowing for loose binding of UI and related business logic.
  • Obtain hands-on experience developing Universal Windows applications using XAML.

Internet of Things (Briefing)

This briefing provides an overview of Azure Internet of Things building blocks and solutions, as well as information on upcoming IoT related product and offerings from Microsoft. Guidance is provided for building secure and scalable, device-centric data collection and analysis systems. While these solutions may be built on public, private, and hybrid Azure cloud components, the core guidance is focused on public cloud implementations.

This briefing provides perspective and guidance to Microsoft’s customers and partners who are planning to deliver IoT solutions using Azure services. Explore Microsoft’s IoT vision and Azure IoT building blocks like EventHub, Streaming Analytics, HD Insight, HD Insight Storm, and Azure Data Platform.

How to Schedule

Please contact your Microsoft Application Development Manager to assist with scheduling a briefing or workshop for your team.

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