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Misty Robotics and Azure

Social bots on the way. Now that we’ve voice commanded everything in our house, the natural next step is to give it a face, a response, a smile. When I demo’d Misty to our FIRST Robotics team, they immediately fell in love – it’s so cute, you just wanna pitch the cheeks.

Remote Monitoring of IoT Devices Using Azure and HoloLens

This is going to be an IoT solution, which receives data from connected devices, stores the data and makes it available for consumption by a holographic or mobile application. So, you will first learn to set up the backend infrastructure--where you will have a device--which connects with a Cloud Gateway. Data received by the Cloud Gateway is stored within persistent storage, and finally, this data will be made available to a Holographic or Mobile app through Web APIs.

Easy as Pi IoT on Windows 10 and Azure IoT Central!

Have you ever tried building an IoT solution on an embedded device like a Raspberry Pi with an ARM processor? What languages did you have to use? What if that device had to send data to the cloud for dashboarding and alerting? How would you build the dashboard and manage alerts for authorized users?

Azure Maps Simplified

Azure Maps are fascinating to me and also very useful in an ever increasing IoT world to track/transport goods, monitor traffic patterns for delivery routes and many other applications. What I want to display is the absolute minimum one would need to create their very first Azure Map.