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Claims encryption for B2C tokens

Once you sign in and consent, you should see TokenEncryption API in your Enterprise Apps. You will then be able to register your own client applications (recipients of encrypted tokens), set their API Permission to access the Token Encryption API with decrypt application permission, and use client credentials to request a token.

Improved Privacy using Homomorphic Encryption

In the following post, Premier Developer Consultant Razi Rais gives more insight into how to use homomorphic encryption in the field of healthcare to improve privacy and secure data. Modern encryption schemes like homomorphic encryption (HE) provide higher privacy guarantees compared to the existing schemes. Basically, you don't need to reveal...

Homomorphic Encryption 101

In this article from his blog, Premier Developer consultant Razi Rais covers some of the basics of a powerful security & privacy tool – homomorphic encryption.I was recently exploring methods for improved privacy using various encryption schemes and stumbled upon Homomorphic Encryption that has a huge potential  in that area. I do ...