Hands-On Azure Container Apps 101 — Deploying a scalable Go-Backend

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David Minkovski shares a hands-on guide to explore the power and simplicity of Azure Container Apps and Azure Front Door as a great alternative to Azure Kubernetes Services and other Kubernetes implementations for developers.


I am sure you have seen the world go crazy about Kubernetes and while this technology is amazing and has many benefits, the complexities of managing these clusters can be quite, how shall I put this…challenging.

Well lucky for us Microsoft has come up with some real magic — Embrace the simplicity and power of Azure Container Apps and enjoy hassle-free web app deployment. YES. Imagine effortlessly packaging your web applications into containers using a github action, pushing them to the Azure Container Registry and deploying them with just a few clicks. It’s like waving a magic wand and watching your apps come to life!

For Non-Techies in Short: Microsoft has come up with a magical service that helps developers to forget about infrastructure and rather focus on development itself. Say “Bye” to HR looking for certified Kubernetes Pros.

Wait but my app needs to SCALE!

Yes, the fun doesn’t stop. Azure Container Apps are built for scalability. As your app’s popularity skyrockets, you can seamlessly scale up or down to meet the demand, keeping your users happy and your costs in check. It’s that easy.

For Non-Techies in Short: Using this service you can have more machines serving your soon billion users with as much as a click. All Hassle-Free!

What about integration with other stuff?

Azure Container Apps play extremely well with other Azure services. They’re like the popular kid in school who gets along with everyone, I mean everyone! Connect them to Azure Functions or Logic Apps and relax as you create powerful, event-driven architectures.

For Non-Techies in Short: Your other azure services will play along nicely, so take “Have you heard about container apps?” to your Cloud Architect.

Come on — this can not be safe?!

So what about security? Fear not! With Azure’s robust security framework, including Azure Active Directory integration and role-based access control, your apps are protected from any troublemakers. You have your own team of superheroes guarding your applications day and night. I am not going to mention monitoring, you know about Azure Monitor and it’s ability to detect and zap any issues before they become real problems already.

For Non-Techies in Short: Security is included. Come on- it’s Microsoft!

What are we building in this little series?

Introducing the Ultimate Todo App API: a web application that effortlessly handles your todos. With a frontend React App seamlessly connecting to the backend API, your todos can securely be saved in a database. Get ready for a whole new level of productivity, accompanied by unbeatable security and scalability. Experience the most secure and available Todo App out there! Jokes aside…let’s get to it!

Continue with the hands-on tutorial, here.


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