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Understanding how Microsoft Azure keeps your data safe

When it comes to data, there is never a thing as too much security. With identify theft and breaches becoming a daily occurrence, ensuring sensitive information is protected is essential to business. Microsoft Azure has been designed from the ground-up to be one of the most secure places to store your information. Let me prove it!

How Microsoft Tracks Santa

In this post, App Dev Manager Casey Kriutzfield shed some light on the NORAD Tracks Santa Azure architecture allowing for some impressive page view metrics. (image) I’m Casey Kriutzfield. One of the leads for NORAD Tracks Santa. For the past several years, we’ve been a key partner in the NORAD Tracks Santa website. Along with ...

AKS Series– Using Azure Dev Spaces with Visual Studio Kubernetes Tooling

Azure Kubernetes Service brings a world class managed kubernetes service to the cloud. Customers can now leverage the power of Kubernetes platform without having to worry about managing the control plane. As a result of that, customers are now able to embark on the containerization journey with confidence. In this blog post, we will see how Visual Studio makes it easy to collaborate with AKS using Azure Dev Spaces.

Azure DevOps Hands-On Labs

I love to learn about new technologies. You install the product, grab a few samples, pour over blogs & documentation and away you go. I have found over the years as systems have gotten more complex its harder to explore new products. Sure you can install them, VMs have even made that quick, you don’t even have to install. But to truly explore you really need the data. Even worse, a lot of the time the samples are just a small subset of the scenario and require a lot of work to go beyond the basics. But the Azure DevOps team has put together a great program with dive in, enter Azure DevOps Hands-On Labs.

Azure SQL MI Replication – New Possibilities for Hybrid Environments

As customers continue to have more applications deployed in Azure, it’s common that data from those on-premises applications has to be shared with the new cloud applications or vise-versa. A simple batched methodology may be suitable for table data that is rarely updated, but for data that changes frequently, this may introduce an unacceptably high latency and undermine any data concurrency, expected by the business users. One of the limitations of SQL Azure database is that it can’t support a SQL agent, so replication, while possible from on-premises to the cloud, is not available in the opposite direction. One solution is the use of the relatively new Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, SQL MI, that allows replication from the cloud replicated back to an on-premises SQL database.

Testing Online Connectivity in PowerApps

This post will walk through testing the Connection.Connected property in your PowerApps. If you are building a PowerApp with offline capabilities, then it becomes very important to test whether the device has an active internet connection. The sensor function Connection.Connected can be used to test for connectivity – if true, you are connected, false not so much. A common scenario is to check the result of this function in an OnSelect formula. If connected, write or submit to a live data source, if disconnected, write to local collection for submittal later.

Azure Automation DSC via ARM Template

One of the challenges was figuring out a way to get the commercial software installed and configured on the virtual machines in a completely automated fashion, which is where Azure Automation DSC fit into the solution. DSC or Desired State Configuration is not a new concept, but I recently learned that Azure Automation can be used as a DSC pull server that hosts your DSC configurations and resources in a convenient location.

Compliance, Auditors, and Documentation Oh My!

Azure Trust Center should be your first destination for our compliance offerings. Did you know independent audit reports along with Azure compliance offerings can be found there? This documentation is a free, but protected resource for those that utilize Microsoft cloud services (Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365, etc.). Compliance documentation for HITrust, HIPPA/HITECH, FedRAMP, CSA CCM and many others are stored here.