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Deploying a Virtual Assistant on the cheap

The thing I was interested in recently was deploying to the smallest and least expensive dev/test instances of the various services in order to keep the cost down. Since this was just for demo purposes and I would be the only one talking to the bot, I didn’t need the capacity and scale of the default install.

Migrating an Open, Object-Oriented Application Framework to Azure

I start with a high-level overview of the TMIP Open, Object-Oriented application framework and technology stack that was designed and implemented fifteen years ago and explore recommendations (Table 1) for migrating TMIP to Azure. The goal-- to support the DoD mission and for bring continuous value and future expansions to stakeholders.

Have you considered Azure Reserved Instances?

We recently had the opportunity to work with a customer and help manage their Azure cost. This topic came up and it ended up resulting in significant saving by reducing the cost of resources they had already planned to deploy. Based on that interaction, we thought it would be useful to highlight this option in a blog post.

Getting Started with Azure Blueprints

Azure Blueprints now makes it possible for development teams to rapidly build and stand up new environments with a set of built-in components -- such as networking -- to speed up development and delivery.

Understanding how Microsoft Azure keeps your data safe

When it comes to data, there is never a thing as too much security. With identify theft and breaches becoming a daily occurrence, ensuring sensitive information is protected is essential to business. Microsoft Azure has been designed from the ground-up to be one of the most secure places to store your information. Let me prove it!