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In this post, Principal App Dev Manager Roger Lamb highlights some of the important features of Data Security in Azure.

Bad guys are always trying to get your data. They’re really good at it, too. Just open any news site and you’re bound to see at least one article on a major breach. And the costs for those incidents can be astronomical, including financial and legal woes. You need to protect your data better. Microsoft Azure can help.

Security has been at the forefront when it comes to Microsoft’s cloud. By focusing on providing a secure, hardened environment for applications and sensitive information, Azure affords organizations a safe destination for their data. Even better, Microsoft does it at a fraction of what it would take to implement if companies did it themselves. Azure is regularly being audited and tested, with updates implemented on a regular basis to certify compliance.

But having a nice paragraph about how secure Azure is doesn’t cut it. Companies need to know more before they decide to upload their sensitive content. Enter the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

Microsoft Azure Trust Center

The Microsoft Azure trust Center is a single destination for all things related to security within Microsoft’s Cloud. You can find details on specific global standards, physical and digital access control, best practices and documentation, and a host of other topics about hardening your data. There is way too much information to cover in this article but let me cover some the most important aspects.

Visit the Azure Trust Center


Microsoft Azure is continuing to expand its adherence to global and industry standards for security. This compliance is implemented at a digital level in the form of Disaster Recovery (DR), data masking and removal, data management, auditing and reporting, as well standard-specific requirements. In-depth documentation on Government, Industry, and Regional standards allow private and public sector organizations to quickly identify what provisions are in place for their individual needs. This documentation is regularly updated for consistency as standards evolve.

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Access Control

By integrating Microsoft Azure with robust, secure access control, companies can rest easy knowing their information is protected. Integration with Azure Directory, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures your data is only accessible to those you designate. All users are authenticated and verified using client-controlled policies and process. Companies can leverage hybrid cloud architectures to combine on-premise and cloud resources management for a unified security solution.

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For physical access, Azure’s infrastructure is distributed around the globe, with redundancy in every major region. Anyone with data center access must be pre-authenticated and screened, including multiple levels of access, depending on the requirements. Only the most highly-screened and qualified individuals can access the data center floor, and all access is monitored and logged. Routine audits are performed at every Azure data center to ensure compliance to these strict access regulations.

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Because data security is a shared responsibility between Microsoft and its clients, the Microsoft Azure Trust Center provides detailed documentation on many aspects of security. By offering organizations the ability to encrypt data, securely connect on-premise and cloud-hosted resources, and control access, Azure empowers companies the ability to secure their data and applications. Best practices on network and data security provide network administrators guidance on how to implement their architectures. Developers can benefit from documentation on hardening applications, data-related regulations like GDPR, and how to develop and deploy secure systems. By leveraging the provided security checklists, companies can be sure all aspects of their cloud-hosted resources are protected.

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Protecting user and company data is the most important role of any organization. Ensuring information is secure and accessible is paramount for every company, government, and business across every industry and vertical. By partnering with Microsoft on securing your data, you can safeguard you information in the cloud and protect you valuable data from un-authorized access.



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