Azure Automation DSC via ARM Template

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App Dev Manager Ben Hlaban explores deployment automation using Azure Automation Desired State Configuration with ARM templates.

I recently worked with a customer that was required to develop and deploy a solution consisting of virtual machines running a combination of custom and commercial software.  One of the challenges was figuring out a way to get the commercial software installed and configured on the virtual machines in a completely automated fashion, which is where Azure Automation DSC fit into the solution.  DSC or Desired State Configuration is not a new concept, but I recently learned that Azure Automation can be used as a DSC pull server that hosts your DSC configurations and resources in a convenient location.  Furthermore, you can completely automate the provisioning of not only the Azure Automation Account and the DSC configurations/resources, but the actual target virtual machines (nodes) to which the configurations will be applied as well. 

The solution consists of two main Azure Resource Manager (ARM) deployments

  1. Azure Automation Account
  2. Target virtual machine(s)  

You can find a sample deployment to review at

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