Performance regression tests at Microsoft Security

In this post, Maor Frankel shares insights about performance regression testing in Microsoft Security. During the past 6 years, a significant amount of my work has gone into improving the performance of the Web application I work on. This has been the case at my previous work at Outbrain and at my current position in the front end (...

Exploring Service Bus with Fantasy Football

Chris Tjoumas explores the power and flexibility of Azure Service Bus through some fun with Fantasy Football. For the past 15 years, I’ve been playing fantasy football and probably spend too much time each Sunday during the regular season watching every single game. Rather than trying to convince me to do other things such as finish ...

Hybrid Model for GitHub and Azure DevOps – Enjoy the best of both worlds

Shany Wiesel explores the benefits of a hybrid model using GitHub Enterprise and Azure DevOps. We often hear repeating conversations with Enterprise customers who have invested in Azure DevOps and have great working dev sec ops processes and success enabled by Azure DevOps: While we know that Microsoft is investing ...

Azure Container Apps

Monu Bambroo explores Azure Container Apps -- a serverless container service built for microservice applications and robust autoscaling capabilities without the overhead of managing complex infrastructure. Microsoft recently announced Azure Container Apps in Preview – a new serverless container platform. The idea behind this offering...

Data modeling for Power BI

Data Modeling is used to connect multiple data sources in Power BI tool using a relationship. A relationship defines how data sources are connected with each other. In order for you to get the most out of your data it is important to follow several Power BI data modeling best practices.

Marketplace Office Hours (Business and Technical)- Register Now

The commercial marketplace services team in Azure engineering has upcoming Marketplace Office Hours on business and technical topics; providing publishers with the information and resources to successfully publish their solutions to the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.  Register for one of the following Marketplace Office hours sessions now.

Workshop Spotlight: GitHub

If you are looking to build your team's expertise with GitHub, there is no shortage of resources available. This post is to spotlight a few of the popular workshops available to organizations looking to build expertise with GitHub.

Deconstructing Azure PowerShell APIs with Fiddler

There are a ton of great PowerShell libraries out there that are super easy to use. Most of these just sit on top of standard REST APIs and abstract all the details away. When you are building code to use REST APIs, it’s easy to use Fiddler and a PowerShell API to generate your own sample of a working request payload.