VBScript deprecation: Timelines and next steps

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Scripting options for web development and task automation are modernizing. To provide you with the most modern and efficient options, we are replacing VBScript with more advanced alternatives such as JavaScript and PowerShell. Find out what VBScript deprecation means for you and how you can get ready.

What is VBScript?

Visual Basic Scripting Edition, commonly referred to as VBScript, is a lightweight scripting language first introduced by Microsoft in 1996. The language has been available as a system component in Windows OS and has been widely used for automating tasks and controlling applications on Windows-based systems. It’s often embedded within HTML pages to add dynamic interactivity and functionality to web pages and is commonly used in conjunction with Microsoft technologies like Active Server Pages (ASP) and Windows Script Host (WSH). However, with the advancement of technology, more modern and efficient options are now available.

Why is VBScript deprecated?

Technology has advanced over the years, giving rise to more powerful and versatile scripting languages such as JavaScript and PowerShell. These languages offer broader capabilities and are better suited for modern web development and automation tasks.

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  • hitesh davey 1

    The new top management team at MS seems to hate VB/VBscript like no one else!

    Not sure why MS is shying away from VB and hates it so much that they now slowly started thinking of up-rooting it from the WINDOWS platform permanently.

    So many developers started their careers with VB4/VBScript/VB6/VB.NET. More than any other programming language in the history of computer science innovations, VB was close to human language to learn, understand, develop, and maintain. MS earned its reputation and recognition mostly with Windows, MS Office, and VB.
    Most Windows-based real-time LOB apps and web apps were developed and maintained using VB.

    I believe that the team that designed and developed classic VB was the most creative team to date at MS. All other computer languages are just complex syntax and cannot come close to what VB has offered to developers. Today we have so many front-end and back-end languages and none can make developer life easy.

    The VB Forms and Designer: what a novel idea it was. Developers can just concentrate on solutions right from the opening of the Visual Studio. Why such an idea cannot be extended to Web apps, Mobile apps, and IoT apps? Why does one need to juggle between so many markup languages!?

    The whole idea of computer science is to make humans more productive and make one’s life easy and VB was just there!

    Like COBOL,/FoxPro soon VB will find its place only in the computer science dictionary but not in the MS eco-system or vocabulary.

    • Andrew Mansell 0

      I just hope this isn’t a precursor to the deprecation of the VB6 runtime. That would be a huge mistake.

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