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Migrating an Open, Object-Oriented Application Framework to Azure

I start with a high-level overview of the TMIP Open, Object-Oriented application framework and technology stack that was designed and implemented fifteen years ago and explore recommendations (Table 1) for migrating TMIP to Azure. The goal-- to support the DoD mission and for bring continuous value and future expansions to stakeholders.

DevOps and Your Definition of Done

DevOps, among other things, is about collaboration, and a shared responsibility for delivering features into production. Your Definition of Done should reflect this. Learn why and how you should explicitly define Done to improve collaboration and quality.

Developing a Dockerized Asp.Net Core Application Using Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code offers feature parity with Visual Studio 2017/2019 when it comes to developing a containerized Asp.Net Core application. Since VSCode is cross platform, you can develop your next container DotNetCore application on a Linux or Mac while having access to all the great features that Windows users enjoy on VS2017/2019.