DevOps and Your Definition of Done

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Premier Dev Consultant Assaf Stone explains how your Definition of Done can drive collaboration and help establish a DevOps mindset.

Regardless of the agile methodology you are using to drive your software development efforts, you should have an explicit definition of done. I say explicitly, because you will always have one – whether you define it or not. Regardless of your process, even if you are following a Waterfall based process, the level of quality you demand (or allow) your software to reach before you ship it is your definition of done.

Explicitly defining what Done means to your organization helps communication and collaboration, and allows you to set the bar for quality, as well as drive your process improvement efforts.

In this post I will provide some guidance on how to use your Definition of Done to drive collaboration efforts between your developers and the operations engineers, in an organization that is trying to adopt a DevOps mindset.

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