Installing .NET Core 3.0 preview to work with Visual Studio Code

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Premier Dev Consultant Mark Taylor shares some tips on .NET Core 3.0 preview with Visual Studio Code.

I need to develop cross platform solutions and am often working in Linux, so I have taken to using Visual Studio Code as my IDE instead of Visual Studio. I recently needed to preview some of the features in dotnet core 3 and found it somewhat confusing getting this configured to work with Visual Studio Code on Windows. Here are the steps I took to get it working.

  1. Install the .NET Core preview from here: (I am running preivew 4)After install, you will be able to create, build, and run projects from the command line.
  2. Update VS Code if needed (I am running 1.33.1)
  3. You have to have the C# extension for VS Code (mine is 1.19.0), install it if you don’t. If you open a dotnet core 3 project at this point in VSCode, you will see red squiggles over object types, and AssemblyInfo.cs showing errors that it was not able to find ‘system’.
  4. Install the appropriate VS 2019 preview from here:

This will solve the weird ‘not found’ errors. If you are like me and you don’t want to install over 10 Gb worth of stuff, you can choose to install only the “.Net Core cross-platform development” workload (you have to scroll down in the workloads tab of the installer). This requires a little over 2Gb.

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  • Salar Ibrahim 0

    At first you said linux but then in step 4 you said to install VS 2019. Then the big question, how to install VS 2019 on linux???

    • Sergey Klepov 0

      As he said he “often working in Linux”, obviously he accustomed to using VS Code in both linux and windows… And he was talking about windows installation

  • Alejandro Bello Espinal 0

    So, the solution for working with Visual Studio CORE, we need to install the full-featured Visual Studio? Correct me if my missed something, but that’s like buying a tow truck in order to “fix” a broken car!

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