Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015

Developer Support

Premier Developer consultant Ivan Bondy brings us this series on building out a killer developer workstation.

UPDATE: Ivan finished his series a few weeks ago, head back over to his blog to complete the saga of the ultimate developer workstation!

This is the first post of a 4-part series:

  1. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 1 Planning
  2. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 2 Building
  3. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 3 Performance and tuning
  4. Ultimate Developer Workstation 2015 – Part 4 Software and tools

As a Senior Consultant for Premier Support for Developers with a focus on SharePoint technologies, I mostly work with large environments and large code bases. Having fast development workstations able to support Visual Studio with 50+ projects in a solution and be able to support multiple SharePoint VMs is an absolute must for my work.

When I’m not travelling to my customers’ sites I work from my dedicated home office and am proud of this work environment. About every three years I build a new development workstation in order to keep up with the latest technologies. Currently I am due for a new workstation and would like to share this build with you.

Head over to Ivan’s blog here to check out the details on this cool project.