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DirectX 12 and Windows 10

As a part of the Windows team, we’re super excited about the Windows 10 Technical Preview that was just released!  The final version of Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12, and we think it’s going to be awesome.
We especially encourage gamers to help us make this release great for you by becoming Windows Insiders.  Game developers who are part of our DirectX 12 Early Access program have even more incentive to join the Windows Insider program. 

DirectX 12 Lights Up NVIDIA’s Maxwell Launch

Our mission in the DirectX team is to provide the best graphics API in the world and have it work on as many graphics cards as possible.  To do this, we work very closely with game developers and graphics hardware vendors. So,

DirectX 12 – High Performance and High Power Savings

You probably know that DirectX 12 is designed for performance.
What you may not know is that the same design decisions that make DirectX 12 so performant also make it incredibly power efficient.  This allows you to play all of your favorite games on portable devices without having an uncomfortably hot device on your lap or as much of a need to carry around a cumbersome power adapter.

DirectX 12 Developer Videos

DirectX 12 developer session recordings now available!
Missed us at GDC and BUILD? Check out the DirectX 12 developer session recordings below to learn more about the API or just watch some cool demos!
DirectX: Evolving Microsoft’s Graphics Platform
In this session, Anuj Gosalia,

DirectX 12

What’s the big deal?
DirectX 12 introduces the next version of Direct3D, the graphics API at the heart of DirectX.  Direct3D is one of the most critical pieces of a game or game engine, and we’ve redesigned it to be faster and more efficient than ever before. 


DRED v1.2 supports PIX marker and event strings in Auto-Breadcrumbs

In Windows 10 1903, DRED 1.1 provided D3D12 developers with the ability to diagnose device removed events using GPU page fault data and automatic breadcrumbs. As a result, TDR debugging pain has been greatly reduced.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, developers still struggle to pinpoint which specific GPU workloads triggered the error. 

D3DConfig: A new tool to manage DirectX Control Panel settings

The DirectX Control Panel (DXCpl.exe) has dutifully given developers the ability to configure Direct3D debug settings for nearly two decades.  But what started as a simple utility for controlling D3D debug output and driver type selection has struggled to keep up with modern DX12 debugging options. 

Porting DirectX 12 games to Windows 7

We publish documents, header files, binaries, and samples to allow game developers to run their DirectX 12 games on Windows 7.

New in D3D12 – Motion Estimation

In the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, codenamed 19H1, D3D12 has added a new Motion Estimation feature to D3D12. Motion estimation is the process of determining motion vectors that describe the transformation from one 2D image to another. Motion estimation is an essential part of video encoding and can be used in frame rate conversion algorithms.

Use VHD to Accelerate DirectX 12 Development

In case game developers are limited on how frequently they can upgrade Windows 10 on their dev machines, they can use VHD files to quickly set up a new Windows 10 OS partition and to access new or preview features from DirectX 12.

Useful Links

Below is a list of links that a DirectX 12 developer would find useful:

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D3DDred debugger extension

We’re upgrading to discord!

We’re upgrading the forum to a Discord channel – go to to join today!
We’re going to use our Discord channel in the same way as our forums, which means that game developers will still have a great resource to get their DirectX12 questions answered,

Debugger Extension for DRED

Microsoft recently announced the release of DRED (Device Removed Extended Data) for D3D12 in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (previously referred to as the Windows 10 19H1 Preview).  Buried in that post is a mention that Microsoft is working on a debugger extension to help simplify post-mortem analysis of DRED. 

OS Variable Refresh Rate

[Updated June 13th to clarify support for FreeSync]
With Windows Version 1903, we have added a new toggle in Graphics Settings for variable refresh rate. Variable refresh rate (VRR) is similar to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC, AMD’s FreeSync, and VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync.
This new OS support is only to augment these experiences and does not replace them.

DirectX 12 boosts performance of HITMAN 2

Our partners at IO Interactive, the developers of the award-winning HITMAN franchise, recently added DirectX 12 support to HITMAN 2, with impressive results.  IO Interactive was so excited that they wanted to share a bit about how their innovative use of DirectX 12 benefits HITMAN gamers everywhere.