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We’re upgrading to discord!

We’re upgrading the forum to a Discord channel - go to to join today! We’re going to use our Discord channel in the same way as our forums, which means that game developers will still have a great resource to get their DirectX12 questions answered, file bug reports, and to give ...
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Debugger Extension for DRED

Microsoft recently announced the release of DRED (Device Removed Extended Data) for D3D12 in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (previously referred to as the Windows 10 19H1 Preview).  Buried in that post is a mention that Microsoft is working on a debugger extension to help simplify post-mortem analysis of DRED.  Good news, that debugger ...
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OS Variable Refresh Rate

[Updated June 13th to clarify support for FreeSync] With Windows Version 1903, we have added a new toggle in Graphics Settings for variable refresh rate. Variable refresh rate (VRR) is similar to NVIDIA’s G-SYNC, AMD's FreeSync, and VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync. This new OS support is only to augment these experiences and does not ...

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