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Agility SDK 1.710.0-preview: GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new preview Agility SDK out today, letting developers experiment with two new features: GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling!  Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it.  GPU Upload Heaps  Introduction Historically a GPU’s VRAM was inaccessible to the CPU, forcing programs to have ...
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Agility SDK 1.608.0: Enhanced Barriers and more

We’ve published another Agility SDK, version 1.608.0.  This Agility SDK has support for Enhanced Barriers, and a few minor DX12 features. That’s right: these features no longer require developer mode to run on your machine! Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it. Enhanced Barriers For an overview of Enhanced Barriers, please see ...
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Agility SDK 1.602.0

The Agility SDK 1.602.0 has been published, which fixes bugs related to depth and stencil buffer resource state validation and contains a first round of new D3D12 features aimed at quality-of-life improvements and alignment with other graphics APIs. Head over to Agility SDK Downloads to try it out.   New Minor Features Each of the...
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