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Agility SDK 1.606.3: Shader Model 6.7 is now publicly available!

The DirectX Compiler Team and our partners are pleased to announce the release of Shader Model 6.7! Shader Model 6.7 expands texture fetching, quad querying, and wave capabilities to enable ever more complex (and compatible) new shader-driven features! Advanced Texture Operations SM 6.7 adds a collection of useful texture capabilities ...

In the works: HLSL Shader Model 6.7

It's that time again! Microsoft and its partners are excited to announce the ongoing development of the latest HLSL Shader Model, 6.7! Shader Model 6.7 expands texture, quad, and wave shader capabilities in response to requests from HLSL users. It is still a work in progress and not yet available in any release, but implementation and...

Announcing HLSL Shader Model 6.6

After months of development and refinement in collaboration with hardware vendors and software developers, we are pleased to announce the availability of Shader Model 6.6! Shader Model 6.6 empowers shader authors with new tools for greater flexibility to make existing shaders faster and more versatile as well as to devise all new techniques...
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In the works: HLSL Shader Model 6.6

  Microsoft and its partners are happy to announce the development of Shader Model 6.6, the latest advancement in HLSL capability. Shader Model 6.6 will grant shader developers increased flexibility to enhance and expand existing rendering approaches and devise all new ones. New features include expanded atomic operations, ...
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