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DirectX at Game Stack Live 2021

At Game Stack Live 2021, DirectX team shared how they continue evolving DirectX with the latest features across hardware and providing the greatest tools and support. Hardware partners also shared their updates on DirectX support.

Announcing HLSL Shader Model 6.6

After months of development and refinement in collaboration with hardware vendors and software developers, we are pleased to announce the availability of Shader Model 6.6! Shader Model 6.6 empowers shader authors with new tools for greater flexibility to make existing shaders faster and more versatile as well as to devise all new techniques...
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Announcing the DirectX 12 Agility SDK!

We’re excited to unveil the DirectX 12 Agility SDK, an update that will allow devs to adopt the newest DirectX 12 graphics features faster than ever before.  With the Agility SDK, developers can now add the newest DirectX 12 features to their games, and gamers can play games with these features without having to upgrade their OS...

Getting Started with the Agility SDK

This guide is intended for developers who want to get started developing games that use the Agility SDK. It covers: Be sure to also see our Announcement blog, Downloads Page, Game Stack Live talk and spec. Visit the DirectX Landing Page for more resources for DirectX developers. What is the Agility SDK and how ...