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DirectStorage 1.2 Available Now

Today we’re releasing the 1.2 version of the DirectStorage SDK, where we’ve added new features and made some fixes based on your feedback. The full list of changes can be found on the NuGet page and you can update to the latest version using NuGet update.    Visit the DirectStorage landing page for more information about how to ...

DirectStorage GDeflate Reference Implementation Now Available

The GDeflate reference implementation is now available from the DirectStorage repo on GitHub. Developers can use this to easily integrate GDeflate into their asset compression tool chains and build compatible compressors. The compression and decompression algorithms are open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. How to Build: The GDeflate ...
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DirectStorage 1.1 Now Available

The DirectStorage team is pleased to share that GPU decompression with DirectStorage 1.1 is available now. This new version of DirectStorage contains everything a developer needs to get started with GPU decompression. For more information on this feature and how it benefits gamers, check out our previous blog post: DirectStorage 1.1 Coming ...

DirectStorage SDK 1.0.2

Thank you to everyone who tried out the DirectStorage SDK - we've really enjoyed interacting with you on the #directstorage channel on the D3D12 Discord Server, and on github. Today we're releasing an update to the SDK where we've addressed some of the feedback you've sent us! You can update to the latest using NuGet update.  Visit ...

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