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Advancing the State of Color Management in Windows

If you're an app developer who cares about color accuracy, this is the right place to learn about some changes we made in the Windows 11 2022 Update! Let’s start by talking about color management – it is the technology and practice of ensuring accurate and consistent color reproduction across devices. If you're a creative professional/...

The Windows HDR Calibration app is here

The wait for the Windows HDR Calibration app is over! If you're on Windows 11 and want to calibrate your HDR-capable device, you can now go to the Microsoft Store and download the app. 😊 (image) As we shared in our announcement blog post, the Windows HDR Calibration app will feature three test patterns which will help you calibrate your ...

Windows Graphics News – 2022 Q1

The first quarter of 2022 has gone by, so let’s talk about what the Graphics team has been up to! On this blog post we talk about:   We’re hiring! We still have a lot of PM and SWE roles open for several teams in Graphics! Check out for a full list of our open jobs - we look at every application ...
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The Windows HDR Calibration app will soon be coming to PCs

We heard your feedback and requests to bring the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app to Windows. In a not-so-distant future, you will be able to improve color accuracy and consistency of your HDR display via the upcoming Windows HDR Calibration app.

Windows Graphics News – 2021 Q4

2021 has come to an end and it’s time to reflect on what the Graphics team has been busy with in the last quarter of the year - we’ll brief you on hiring, DirectX in Gaming, new graphics features, as well as graphics industry news.
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Windows Graphics News – 2021 Q3

The third quarter of 2021 has passed, which means it’s time for another Windows Graphics News update where we show you what we have been up to! On this blog we will talk about opportunities to join the team, new graphics features, updates on existing features and graphics industry news.

Guide on how to get the most out of your HDR display

In this blog post, we’ll provide information you need to optimize your device and start enjoying HDR content. We’ll walk you through different settings and explain how to set things up.

Windows 2021 HDR getting started guide

This blog will give you the information you need to purchase the right HDR device for you, whether you want to enjoy an HDR cinematic experience or have an awesome time playing games in HDR.
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Windows Graphics News – 2021 Q2

Hi there! Another 3 months have passed since our last update, and we would like to bring you up to speed on what the Windows Graphics team has been up to! On this blog we will talk about:   We’re hiring! Do you want to help shape the future of graphics? If so, the Xbox Graphics, PIX, and HLSL teams are hiring! ...
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Dynamic refresh rate – Get the best of both worlds

Dynamic refresh rate is a new feature that can be found in Windows Insider builds (Dev channel) on supported devices. Like the name suggests, DRR lets your device set the refresh rate dynamically. This means that Windows 11 will seamlessly switch between a lower refresh rate and a higher refresh rate based on what you’re doing on your PC.