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Windows Graphics News – 2022 Q1

The first quarter of 2022 has gone by, so let’s talk about what the Graphics team has been up to! On this blog post we talk about:   We’re hiring! We still have a lot of PM and SWE roles open for several teams in Graphics! Check out for a full list of our open jobs - we look at every application ...
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Agility SDK 1.602.0

The Agility SDK 1.602.0 has been published, which fixes bugs related to depth and stencil buffer resource state validation and contains a first round of new D3D12 features aimed at quality-of-life improvements and alignment with other graphics APIs. Head over to Agility SDK Downloads to try it out.   New Minor Features Each of the...
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Exciting additions to your Auto HDR experience on PC

Last year, we brought Auto High Dynamic Range (HDR) to your PC gaming experience, letting you breathe new life into your existing games by giving them an entirely new range of vibrant colors. Today, we’re excited to talk about the additional improvements to your Auto HDR experience on PC that are currently available on Windows 11 and the ...

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