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Announcing our summer Agility SDKs

We’re pleased to announce that we have two new Agility SDKs available today! Agility SDK 1.606.3 contains support for Shader Model 6.7, which we announced was in the works earlier this year. Today, Shader Model 6.7 is ready for you to try! We also have another preview Agility SDK out today: 1.706.3-preview, see here for our blog. In ...
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Agility SDK 1.606.3: Shader Model 6.7 is now publicly available!

The DirectX Compiler Team and our partners are pleased to announce the release of Shader Model 6.7! Shader Model 6.7 expands texture fetching, quad querying, and wave capabilities to enable ever more complex (and compatible) new shader-driven features! Advanced Texture Operations SM 6.7 adds a collection of useful texture capabilities ...

Preview Agility SDK 1.706.3-preview: SM 6.7, Enhanced Barriers and more

In addition to support for Shader Model 6.7, this preview Agility SDK contains improved support for Enhanced Barriers and some smaller features  For more on the public release of Shader Model 6.7, please see our 1.606.3 announcement. With the addition of preview Enhanced Barriers and Relaxed Format Casting support, raw gathers will achieve...
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