Deoptimize Your Snapshots Now in Snapshot Debugger

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App Dev Manager Isaac Levin shows how to control details of the call stack with Snapshot debugger.

Have You Tried Snapshot Debugger Yet? No? Why Not?

If you don’t know by now, I am a huge fan of Snapshot Debugger, which if you are not aware is a tool that allows .NET developers to get better visibility into their remote applications. Snapshot Debugger is accessible via 2 locations, the Azure Portal (Product Name is Application Insights Snapshot Debugger), where you can see variables in your call stack like so.

Snapshot Debugger is also built into Visual Studio Enterprise (Product Name is Visual Studio SnapshotDebugger, man naming is hard) so be sure to ask your boss for it if you don’t have it. You can access this feature by downloading a snapshot from the Azure Portal (the extension is .diagsession) and opening it with Visual Studio. With Snapshot Debugger, you have the ability to view, key information related to exceptions that your application is throwing, which quickens the time to triage and eventually solve your problem. I have talked about on Channel 9, and spoken at numerous conferences about how it is a must-have tool for every .NET developer on the planet.

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