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How to stop misbehaving programs

GFlags (or the Global Flags Editor) enables and disables advanced debugging and troubleshooting features in Windows. You may be familiar with Gflags if you have had to isolate heap corruption issues or spent time developing Windows drivers. It’s also pretty handy to block the start of an application through debugging if it won’t respond any other way.

Debugging Beyond Visual Studio – WinDbg

In this post, Sr. App Dev Managers Al Mata, Candice Lai, and Syed Mehdi gives a walkthrough of WinDbg. You’re likely a developer and have used a code editor to debug and analyze your application failures. Few developers know or understand the “old school” way of troubleshooting to uncover additional details; enter the WinDbg ...

Debugging ASP Core on Linux with Visual Studio 2017

NET Core and specifically ASP Core is an Open Source, High Performance implementation of .NET that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. After you deploy your web application to a Linux server it can be difficult to troubleshoot when issues arise. In this article, I’ll show you how to configure your Linux test server and Development environment to allow remote debugging giving you all the greatness of debugging in Visual Studio while your code is running on a Linux server.

Debugging .NET core with SOS everywhere

Get some insight into debugging .NET code on non-Windows operating systems with this post from Premier Developer consultants Gustavo Varo and Ben Williams. I have been working more and more with .NET Core and one question I keep getting from our customers and partners is about the debugging experience when using operating systems other ...