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Raw threads and async lambdas

Using async methods/lambdas where they are not expected causes unexpected problems. The typical example I discuss with people is TaskFactory.StartNew() because its an easy way to create Tasks and some people reach for that instead of Task.Run(), but I recently came across some code hitting the same problem while creating threads the traditional way.

Async Main() is available, but hidden

Check out this quick tip on unlocking the new features of C# 7.1 from Premier Developer consultant Ben Williams.Ever try to use async/await in your Main method of a .NET app? You couldn’t before, but now you can. I just posted a quick tip about enabling this by turning on C# 7.1 features in Visual Studio (they are not enabled by default). ...

An alternative to ConfigureAwait(false) everywhere

In his latest blog post, Premier Developer consultant Ben Williams brings us this article on asynchronous code. One of the general recommendations you may often read is to use ConfigureAwait(false) in library code. This is so that when the library is used, it does not block the synchronization context in use by the application (e.g. the UI ...

Tasks are (still) not threads and async is not parallel

Premier Developer consultant Ben Williams recently had the honor of having one of his blog posts reposted to Wintellect’s Dev Center as a guest post.  Here’s a blurb from that post, be sure to head over to Ben’s blog to check out the full technical deep-dive and download his sample WPF application. I talk to a lot of developers who...