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GitHub Learning Path

GitHub opens exciting possibilities for you and your customers. This article helps answer the question “Where do I start?” learning about Git and GitHub.

Three most popular Git workflows

Coding has evolved from incubators to online hubs which allow for remote coding. The size of applications has become increasingly difficult for a single person to code. Experts in various coding areas, therefore, converge on the virtual platform in order to contribute to the more massive code repository.

Git in Education

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman introduces one of our training offerings – the Microsoft Git Solutions workshop.With Premier Support for Developers, our customers have access to many resources including education. Case in point is our Microsoft Git Solutions workshop. This educational opportunity is a two-day ...

A branching strategy for CI/CD using Git in VSTS

In this post from his blog, Premier Developer consultant Ilias Jennane discusses a strategy that can be used for branching and merging using Git in VSTS in a continuous integration/continuous deployment environment.When it comes to Branching and Merging strategies, the internet is full of examples and “best practices”. I personally don’t...

Practical Git Commands Kickstart

This very useful guide to Git commands comes to us from Premier Developer consultant Crystal Tenn. Git command line is extremely useful for managing your resources – it is the only way to utilize all Git commands possible as most GUI’s only have a set of available commands. Although many guides exist to explain Git command line, many are...