Git in Education

Pam Lahoud

In this post, Premier Developer consultant Brian Blackman introduces one of our training offerings – the Microsoft Git Solutions workshop.

With Premier Support for Developers, our customers have access to many resources including education. Case in point is our Microsoft Git Solutions workshop. This educational opportunity is a two-day instructor-led training course that provides participants with the fundamental knowledge that is required to use Git.  Participants will learn to use Git with Visual Studio for the client side and using Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Team Services, and other 3rd party hosted remote repositories for the server side. Our workshops adopt a multidimensional approach to learning in the form of lectures, live demos, and guided hands-on activities.

Through your attendance, you will gain proficiency in source code management with Git – unlocking the full potential of your software development efforts and becoming skillful with one of the key areas of DevOps and ALM practices.  We explain in detail the tools and features that will help developers at all skill levels to improve their productivity while using Git.  Using Git with Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team Services will maximize your team collaboration, software quality, and overall DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management maturity.

You can expect to learn and become proficient in: source code management using Visual Studio, Git tools, and many best practices. We explain and demonstrate in detail branching, merging, and workflows enabling you to develop your flows. We cover many popular work flows including workflow from teams at Microsoft. We also show how to develop and collaborate with Git as well as advanced topics and deep dives into merge, rebase, stash, and many more Git commands.

During my several deliveries of this workshop the feedback has been positive and we have helped teams work through and develop their workflow or apply workflows such as the Release flow to their branching strategy.

If you are interested just reach out to your ADM or TAM.


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