IntelliTrace and the ‘Magic’ of Historical Debugging

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Premier Developer Consultant Lizet Pena De Sola discusses the Visual Studio Debugging and Diagnostic Tools Workshop, in which she discovered IntelliTrace and its magical debugging capabilities.

Lizet recently visited a development team in Nevada that was eager to learn more about Visual Studio debugging tools and the C# compiler Open Source project in GitHub, named ‘Roslyn’. The highlight of the sessions was the ‘discovery’ of IntelliTrace and how they could use this feature in improving the communication between the development team in Nevada and the QA team at another location.

A few hard to reproduce bugs had been filed recently, one of them being intermittent without a consistent set of steps to reproduce. This team was using process dumps and WinDbg to try and pinpoint the cause, but, even though process dumps have their reason of being, the size of the dump files made the quest to search for a root cause quite difficult.

This is until they tried IntelliTrace in their QA environments.

To learn how IntelliTrace improved this team’s debugging and QA, read the rest of the post on Lizet’s blog.


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