Accessing Certificates in Service Fabric Hosted Windows Containers

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In this post, senior consultant Megan Meyer demonstrates how you can utilize SetupEntryPoint scripts to manage acquiring certificates and making them available to your Service Fabric hosted container.

publish-to-azureclusterAzure Service Fabric is a great platform for container orchestration. It provides a full suite of features to ensure that your container is held up by the five pillars of software quality– ensuring scalability, availability, resiliency, management, and security. Assuming your containerized application may need access to certificates to handle encryption, decryption, signing, or verification, Service Fabric even provides a built-in way to expose certificates installed in the LocalMachine store to the container by using a ContainerHostPolicy. You can also explicitly provide certificate files as part of the Data Package. Both approaches are documented well in the use a certificate in a container topic in the docs. What if you need more control over the certificates? What if they’re not installed on the node and you need to dynamically make them available to your container at the time of service startup? What actually needs to happen in the script?

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