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Deploying a Virtual Assistant on the cheap

The thing I was interested in recently was deploying to the smallest and least expensive dev/test instances of the various services in order to keep the cost down. Since this was just for demo purposes and I would be the only one talking to the bot, I didn’t need the capacity and scale of the default install.

Build an interactive assistant using QnA Maker

I was recently engaged in a customer proof of concept scenario where they needed to turn their knowledgebase articles, FAQ’s and other company data into an interactive bot. For our scenario, we created a QnA Maker service that pulled HR information from a backend database so users can ask common questions in a conversational way instead of wasting time searching and scrolling through content.

AI Discovery Days at a Microsoft Location Near You

Microsoft’s vision is to democratize AI and make it accessible and valuable to everyone.  Join us to learn how to start building intelligence into your solutions with the Microsoft AI platform, including pre-trained AI services like Cognitive Services and Bot Framework, as well as deep learning tools like Azure Machine Learning.

Using AI and Bots as an underpinning for modern UI

In this post, Consultant/App. Dev. Manager Timothy Baillis explains how AI and Bots can improve modern UI designs.It has been said that every great developer is inherently lazy- or at least inspired by boring or repetitive tasks. The idea that you can code a program to automate a task or overcome an obstacle is a powerful incentive to create. ...

Accessing a .NET Bot’s State via Dependency Injection

The .NET BotBuilder SDK has deprecated the StateClient class, leaving some to wonder how they should access their bot’s state. Premier Developer Consultant Ben Williams shares an example of using dependency injection in your BotFramework projects.When using the .NET BotBuilder SDK’s dialog system, you can access the bot state using the ...