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Making Sense of .NET 5

At the first day of Microsoft’s annual Build conference, Microsoft announced .NET 5 which will be released in November 2020. This led to some confusion in discussions with some of my colleagues and friends. What about .NET Core? Isn’t that the future? The road forward?

Building a better DSC script

For those people that want to build a better DSC script, one that checks for most conditions and wants to keep their custom scripts from failing with no error handling, check out these recommendations.

Exploring Blazor with Visual Studio 2019

In this post, Senior App Dev Manager Keith Beller walks use through Blazor, a new experimental framework for WebAssembly. What is Blazor? After 22 years of dominance as “the” native language for client-side browser interaction, JavaScript is facing new competition from other popular languages such as C/C++, Go, PHP, C# and others ...

Build an interactive assistant using QnA Maker

I was recently engaged in a customer proof of concept scenario where they needed to turn their knowledgebase articles, FAQ’s and other company data into an interactive bot. For our scenario, we created a QnA Maker service that pulled HR information from a backend database so users can ask common questions in a conversational way instead of wasting time searching and scrolling through content.

Remote Monitoring of IoT Devices Using Azure and HoloLens

This is going to be an IoT solution, which receives data from connected devices, stores the data and makes it available for consumption by a holographic or mobile application. So, you will first learn to set up the backend infrastructure--where you will have a device--which connects with a Cloud Gateway. Data received by the Cloud Gateway is stored within persistent storage, and finally, this data will be made available to a Holographic or Mobile app through Web APIs.

Raw threads and async lambdas

Using async methods/lambdas where they are not expected causes unexpected problems. The typical example I discuss with people is TaskFactory.StartNew() because its an easy way to create Tasks and some people reach for that instead of Task.Run(), but I recently came across some code hitting the same problem while creating threads the traditional way.

Accessing a .NET Bot’s State via Dependency Injection

The .NET BotBuilder SDK has deprecated the StateClient class, leaving some to wonder how they should access their bot’s state. Premier Developer Consultant Ben Williams shares an example of using dependency injection in your BotFramework projects.When using the .NET BotBuilder SDK’s dialog system, you can access the bot state using the ...