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Advocacy and Innovation

The Journey Begins – DevOps starts with culture!

At this point we were five plus years into a local transformation that was underappreciated and overlooked by the global IT organization. The frustration was high and the hope was waning. For me this became my motivation to start a journey to understand why some organization can adopt DevOps strategies successfully and other struggle.

Tribal Knowledge – The Anti-DevOps Culture

By removing or reducing tribal knowledge from projects and teams, organizations set themselves up for success in an ever-changing landscape (exponentially changing). In other words, you can add to your DevOps culture (or create one) simply by subtracting the bad habits and behaviors.

DevOps and Your Definition of Done

DevOps, among other things, is about collaboration, and a shared responsibility for delivering features into production. Your Definition of Done should reflect this. Learn why and how you should explicitly define Done to improve collaboration and quality.

Conflicting Principles; DevOps VS ITIL.

On the surface DevOps and ITIL seem to be contradictory practices, with the former being more used in development work and the latter being more used for services/operations. However, if we drill down into their fundamentals you will find that DevOps cannot exist in its entirety without a framework such as ITIL.