The Journey Begins – DevOps starts with culture!

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Dev Consultant Joe Brown shares insights gained on his journey to understand DevOps.

Several years ago, I landed the job opportunity of a lifetime.  It gave me the chance to work for an organization with an extremely low appetite for risk, unbelievable political power struggles, isolated organization silos, an imperial styled Project Management Office with a culture that lacked uniform trust and respect.

How is this the opportunity of a lifetime you ask?  Clearly, I didn’t have this insight when I joined but it turns out that it would be the start on a journey of discovery.  Also, I knew starting with the interview process, that I would work with some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

One of the most profound and admirable people was my friend, peer, and eventual boss.  He and I were incredibly like-minded and I drew great inspiration from him.  We started a mission, wanting to build software in a far different way than had ever been seen in the organization.  We wanted full transparency and traceability as a means of improving quality in both the process and the product. We started the journey in much the same way many do, by focusing on tools best capable of delivering the transparency and traceability we were desperate for.  At the time it seemed our only option was a patchwork of multiple tools linked and tracked by key values in Excel spreadsheets.  Unfortunately, this was neither scalable nor transferable; if we were going to make any real impact, we needed both.

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