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DevOps and Beyond Outcomes

Not only do high-velocity organizations get better at what they do, they get better at getting better at what they do. This scales so that no one can keep up with them. After all, most companies hire from the same pool of talent, they use the same software practices such as Agile/Scrum, they use the same tools, and so on.

DevOps and Safety

Beyond Lean, another important contributor to DevOps is the safety science movement. In this blog, Ron discusses this subject and show how important this is and how it changes the ways we think of the systems we build.

DevOps and Mental Models

We need to regularly update our Mental Models but more importantly we need to find better means to update our Mental Models if we are serious about enabling a better culture which enables more innovation and happier individuals in our organization.

DevOps or Economies of Flow

The very notion of economies of scale arose during the early industrial age but unfortunately is still prevalent in many industries, including software development. However, that has changed with DevOps but it still isn’t obvious otherwise I would not come across customers that still work in this paradigm.

One Project To Rule Them All

Unfortunately, many enterprises have multiple organizations and projects in their portfolio and merging them into a single project can seem a daunting task. While there are tools out there that can help, there is no “Single Tool To Rule Them All”.