DevOps and Beyond Outcomes

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In his latest post, Premier Developer consultant Ron Vincent discusses the results-oriented mindset of DevOps.

It is quite common these days to hear DevOps practitioners talk about how we have moved from celebrating activity to the need to celebrate outcomes. This appears to be where the community is at when it comes to their current mental model. However, the community now to needs to move from this mental model to a new one which is what I will discuss in this article.

Celebrating activity is unfortunately where many enterprise organizations are still at. It’s easy for a manager to ask “How many hours did you spend on this?” or “What’s your utilization rate?” This is narrow minded and shallow because it doesn’t tell us anything other than how busy someone is. As Warren Buffet said, “Busy is the new stupid.” A person can spend 1 hour on something and save the company millions or generate millions of dollars. On the other hand, they can be busy 110% and not have any positive outcomes. The DevOps community has realized this and fully embraced this new mindset of celebrating outcomes as a result.

You can read more of Ron’s post here.


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