How to link your MCP profile to a partner organization

Developer Support

App Dev Manager Alexei Govorine shares how to associate your Microsoft Certification with your company or organization.

Anyone who has ever passed at least one of the Microsoft certification exams has a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) profile created with an ID (MCID) generated. This profile is now part of the Microsoft Learning platform that allows a person to track all activities related to certification accomplishments, both active and past.

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) is a collaboration platform between Microsoft and business partners. Platform that provides a set of benefits to help business partners to grow, achieve goals, and establish a working relationship with Microsoft. MPN has three types of membership: Action Pack, Microsoft Silver, and Microsoft Gold, each level comes with its own set of benefits and requirements.

An employee who is a Microsoft Certified Professional may help its employer to meet MPN requirements by linking his or her MCID to MPN profile of the employer. Organization will receive credits for relevant personal completed certifications.

An MCP can access current organizational summary profile section under Account Linking option. From here a person may unlink from the current organization, but to establish a link the following steps must be taken by MCP:

  1. Login to MPN site with work credentials and navigate to account details.
  2. Select an option Associate Microsoft Learning account and login with account that is used to access MCP site.
  3. Once login completed, the MPN account details page will display association status.

After successfully entering the credentials, user’s assets will reflect in Partner Center in the User Skills report within 48 hours.

Please note that, if one of the assessments or certifications a user from within the organization has achieved does not count as a requirement towards attaining a competency, those will not show up in the User Skills report.

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