Moving to the Cloud is NOT about the Cloud

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In his latest post, Premier Dev Consultant Ilias Jennane shares a unique perspective of moving to the cloud.

One of the questions that I get asked very regularly by customers, colleagues, and friends is “Why do I need to move my … to the cloud?“ Almost every time this question comes up, the conversation very quickly gets into technical capabilities of the cloud, cost saving or the last service that this or that cloud vendor has released. These are all valid reasons, but that’s not what drives people, teams, or organizations.

Take for example the decision to buy a new house. Surely, it can be driven by the fact that one is simply interested in getting a new shiny home. Very often, however, it is about providing yourself or your family with more options, whether it is upsizing or downsizing to adjust to a growing or shrinking number of people living under the same roof. It could be about getting a backyard so your kids can practice their favorite sport. Perhaps it is about remodeling to fit new family needs. It’s rarely about the house itself; rather, it’s about the value it adds to your family’s comfort.

Shortening Time to Value

One of the upmost aspirations of any business leader is how fast they can get “new” value in the hand of their customers. Imagine you want to build a brand-new information technology capability, test it, deploy it, secure it, and monitor it. In addition, you need to have your globally distributed teams work on it.

Traditionally this would require:

  • An engineering system to host your development team activities: code, build and test.
  • Test environments to allow validating the features in isolation and as an integrated product.
  • Secure production environments that elastically scale to respond to growing or shrinking demand.
  • Finally, most of this net new investment would be in a form of a capital expenditure (CAPEX).

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