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Deconstructing Azure PowerShell APIs with Fiddler

There are a ton of great PowerShell libraries out there that are super easy to use. Most of these just sit on top of standard REST APIs and abstract all the details away. When you are building code to use REST APIs, it’s easy to use Fiddler and a PowerShell API to generate your own sample of a working request payload.

Getting Started with Graph API and Graph Explorer

Some SDKs may be better tailored for a particular environment or language, but just about everything supports basic REST calls. That’s what makes Microsoft Graph API so attractive. Not only does it provide simple REST interfaces for all kinds of Microsoft products and services, but it’s relatively easy to work with.

No Batch No Problem

This post will go over how to expand sub-properties of an OData REST API request without using a batch request. This will be useful in SharePoint 2013+ On-Premise environments where the batch request is not available.

Using VSTS API with PowerShell to scaffold Team Projects

In this post, Senior Application Development Managers Art Garcia demonstrates how to navigate the VSTS REST APIs. Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS has matured into one of the leading Application Lifecycle management tools available. It allows you to not only manage your work and team velocity, but it also is a great tool to use in ...

Using OAuth2 with SOAP

Premier Development Consultant Marius Rochon explores the combination of Universal App Platform (UAP) with SOAP using OAuth2 protocol for authentication. One possible application of this approach might be migrating from WCF to REST and/or needing to mix REST and SOAP services. Although the sample uses a UWP client, the same code would apply to...