How Azure IoT helped me buy a new house – Part 3 – ESP8266 Code

Developer Support

In the third post of his series, Premier Developer Consultant Steve St Jean expands on how Azure IoT helped him buy a new home. He goes into detail about writing the code for the sensor rig to send telemetry data to Azure IoT Hub.

In the first part of this series, I described the problem I was having, my hypothesis as to the source of the issue, and the steps I would take to test my hypothesis. In the second post, I described the electronics that I built to start capturing environmental sensor data. This post describes the next step needed to begin testing: writing the code for the IoT sensor rig to send telemetry data to Azure IoT Hub.

The Code

All of the code for the ESP8266 can be downloaded from my GitHub repo. Some of the code is original work, but most of it is adapted from the following sources.

You can read more of Steve’s post here.


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