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Deconstructing Azure PowerShell APIs with Fiddler

There are a ton of great PowerShell libraries out there that are super easy to use. Most of these just sit on top of standard REST APIs and abstract all the details away. When you are building code to use REST APIs, it’s easy to use Fiddler and a PowerShell API to generate your own sample of a working request payload.

Getting Started with Graph API and Graph Explorer

Some SDKs may be better tailored for a particular environment or language, but just about everything supports basic REST calls. That’s what makes Microsoft Graph API so attractive. Not only does it provide simple REST interfaces for all kinds of Microsoft products and services, but it’s relatively easy to work with.

App Registration of .NET Application in Azure AD

Now that we have validated that we are able to query the presence for the particular user, we proceed to building a tool to further validate the Presence API query and handling the various output. In preparation for our Windows .Net Forms application, we must Register our application in our Azure Active Directory admin center.

Using the Microsoft Graph Explorer

Working from home has created new opportunities and challenges. In the following guide, the Microsoft Graph Explorer is used to access the Teams presence indicators. This is one of several blog posts leading towards the creation a visual indicator using LED RGB string for Teams presence in a home office scenario.

Microsoft Graph – Consolidating multiple APIs into one

Paul King, Senior Application Development Manager, introduces Microsoft Graph API as the unifying endpoint for many APIs (image) As Microsoft’s cloud services has evolved, so have the APIs used to reference them.  When Microsoft first offered cloud services like Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and others, and API to access that ...

Changing user password in Azure AD using GraphAPI

Recently, Premier Developer Consultant Marius Rochon posted this article on his blog regarding changing passwords in Azure AD that may be helpful to those of you facing this specific scenario in your applications: If this is something you are facing, read the rest of Marius’ article here for the solution, including a code sample: ...