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Introdução ao Node.js

Segue um simples passo-a-passo para guiá-lo e ensinar como configurar sua aplicação Angular com Visual Studio Code e Node. Esse guia irá ajudá-lo a identificar o que instalar, quais comandos executar em PowerShell e alguns conceitos básicos de por onde começar a construir seu app usando Visual Studio Code.

How To Update Visual Studio 2019 Asp.Net Core Angular Project

The updated Angular project template in Visual Studio 2019 (and 2017 before that) provides a convenient starting point for ASP.NET Core apps using Angular and the Angular CLI to implement a rich, client-side user interface (UI). The template is equivalent to creating an ASP.NET Core project to act as an API backend and an Angular CLI project to act as a UI.

Angular How-to: Hide Logic from Users by Moving it out of the Browser and into Azure Functions

A common question from developers building Single Page Applications is how to hide proprietary calculations or other logic from end users. The answer is always to move that logic out of the JavaScript running in the browser and onto a server, which leads to building and hosting an API service. However, in the new world of serverless computing, there is a simpler option. Azure Functions is a compute service that enables you to run code on-demand without the hassle of building an entire application or managing any infrastructure.

Interacting With Push Notifications Under Angular 7 Applications

Until recently Angular supported SwPush class which allowed PWA capable applications to subscribe and listen to push notifications from the Service Worker. Here is an example where I am subscribing to clicking on the notification card which will redirect the user to my blog. Also notice that you also have access to the action that triggered the click. So you can wire your code to react differently to different actions.