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Part II – Kubernetes DevOps : Introduction to Helm

This is the second post in a multi-part blog series on Kubernetes DevOps using Azure. I am co-authoring this series with the help of my colleague at Microsoft, Daniel Selman. We recently worked on K8s project together and thought to share out learnings. In the last post, you get to know the application that going to be deployed in the Kubernetes cluster. In this post, you will learn about the tool called “Helm”.

​​DevOps Stories – Interview with John-Daniel Trask of Raygun​

App Dev Manager Dave Harrison talks with John-Daniel Trask, co-founder and CEO of Raygun, about the adoption of DevOps. "Human beings are the center of the universe. But you wouldn’t know that by the way we’re treated by most of the software we write. Great engineers and great executives grasp that. They know that to humans, the interface is the system – everything else simply does not matter in the end. So they never let anything get in the way of improving that human, end user experience."

WIP Your Product into Shape

In his latest post, Senior Consultant, Assaf Stone shares some useful suggestions on tracking Work In Progress (WIP) in VSTS.What is WIP?WIP simply means work in process (also sometimes, Work In Progress). This metric simply measures how many items (features, stories, backlog items, tasks) your team have started to develop, but have yet to ...

What is your Agile?

In this post, Senior Application Manager, AJ Weaver talks about the many interpretations of Agile.First, let me start by saying that when I am talking about Scrum, I am not necessarily talking about Agile. All Scrum is Agile but not all Agile is Scrum. As you can see below, Scrum is just one cornerstone of Agile. The term is misused and abused...

DevOps Stories –Jon Cwiak, Humana

App Dev Manager Dave Harrison talks with Jon Cwiak, Enterprise Cloud Platform Architect at Humana, about the adoption of DevOps.The following content is shared from an interview with Jon Cwiak, Enterprise Cloud Platform Architect at Humana. What we loved about talking with Jon was his candor – he’s very honest and upfront that the story of...

Fast Start: Infrastructure as Code Using Azure DevTestLabs

In this post, Premier Developer Consultant Derrick Cawthon teaches you how to get started with Infrastructure as Code quickly and easily using Azure DevTestLabs and VSTS. He shows how simple it is to use these two technologies to be able to deploy on-demand.A lot of folks understand that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a great idea and an ...