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Using COPY command with Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Dedicated Pool

Azure Synapse Analytics includes many features and capabilities, among those is the COPY command which makes copying data into a data warehouse very easy. This video will walk you though using the COPY command to import data into a data warehouse table for use by data consumers.

Integration with On-Premises Data Sources in Azure Synapse Analytics

Today many organizations are cloud hybrid in nature so they need to read from and write to on-premises data stores including file systems and relational databases.

Adding source control to Azure Synapse Analytics Studio

Most users of Azure Synapse Analytics will need to use it within a team environment, as such using source control to handle multiple users writing code and building processes in the service will be needed. Thankfully Synapse Analytics Studio includes built-in support for 2 of the most popular Git service providers – GitHub & Azure DevOps.

To B2B or to B2C?

While one uses B to signify it’s focus on business partnerships, while the other uses C for consumers, at the end of the day either can be used to accomplish roughly the same access. My intent here is to focus on what I see as the fundamental difference; one that is most likely to drive the appropriate choice of technology.

No Batch No Problem

This post will go over how to expand sub-properties of an OData REST API request without using a batch request. This will be useful in SharePoint 2013+ On-Premise environments where the batch request is not available.

Dangling DNS and Subdomain Takeovers

This post explores what is commonly referred to as a “Dangling DNS Subdomain Takeover” and why you never delete a resource that backs a CNAME entry in your DNS without first redirecting or removing the CNAME record first.

Calling a Helper API in an Azure APIM Inbound Policy

With Azure APIM, you can completely control how developers consume your services. Through policies, you can transform data, validate requests, integrate backends, and probably cook the world's best cheeseburger. This powerful feature enables complex systems and architectures to be seamlessly connected, ensuring your data and process stay safe.

Managing ADX Data with .NET Core and Azure B2C

In this article, I wanted to show how you can create a custom .NET Core web app to access and manage ADX data. For additional demonstration, I showed how to authenticate with Azure B2C, leverage Dependency Injection and Caching, as well as integrate with a custom API for filtering.

Calling an API in Power Apps Portals using JavaScript

The Microsoft Power Apps Platform allow you to build powerful and stylish applications quickly, all from within the browser. By integrating your business systems and APIs, you can expose functionality to users quickly, secure it with your favorite Identity Provider, and have something to show off at the next family reunion.

Grow your business through the Microsoft commercial marketplace

We have upcoming business and technical webinars designed to help you scale your business through the Microsoft commercial marketplace and the Azure government marketplace.