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Getting acquainted with Azure Synapse SQL Serverless

Synapse SQL Serverless was built for large-scale data processing. The service provides fault-tolerance and enables high reliability even for long-running queries involving very large datasets.

Getting Started with Graph API and Teams

In this post, I’ll look at how to setup an app registration and move some of these concepts into a custom application that uses Graph API.  We'll build on an existing Graph Tutorial, review some concepts, and add support for sending a chat message in Teams.

Getting Started with Graph API and Graph Explorer

Some SDKs may be better tailored for a particular environment or language, but just about everything supports basic REST calls. That’s what makes Microsoft Graph API so attractive. Not only does it provide simple REST interfaces for all kinds of Microsoft products and services, but it’s relatively easy to work with.

Workshop Spotlight: Developing Cross-Platform Web Apps with ASP.NET Core

.NET Core: Developing Cross-Platform Web Apps with ASP.NET Core WorkshopPLUS establishes fundamentals of ASP.NET Core before diving into full-stack development techniques.

How to deploy Angular app to Azure App Service running Linux from GitHub

This sample demonstrates how to deploy, from GitHub, an Angular single page application (SPA) to Azure App Service running Node.js on Linux. A continuous delivery/continuous integration pipeline will be also put in place with a GitHub Action.

Deploying an Azure APIM Self-Hosted Gateway

With so many customization and integrations options, organizations can leverage these powerful Azure services for a variety of architectures and applications. Self-hosted gateways help improve performance, while ensuring secure and efficient API traffic.

Workshop Spotlight: DevOps Fundamentals

The DevOps fundamentals workshop introduces the business value of DevOps then walks the attendees through the essential practices required for a healthy implementation of DevOps within an Organization.

Using COPY command with Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Dedicated Pool

Azure Synapse Analytics includes many features and capabilities, among those is the COPY command which makes copying data into a data warehouse very easy. This video will walk you though using the COPY command to import data into a data warehouse table for use by data consumers.

Integration with On-Premises Data Sources in Azure Synapse Analytics

Today many organizations are cloud hybrid in nature so they need to read from and write to on-premises data stores including file systems and relational databases.

Adding source control to Azure Synapse Analytics Studio

Most users of Azure Synapse Analytics will need to use it within a team environment, as such using source control to handle multiple users writing code and building processes in the service will be needed. Thankfully Synapse Analytics Studio includes built-in support for 2 of the most popular Git service providers – GitHub & Azure DevOps.

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