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How Microsoft Tracks Santa

In this post, App Dev Manager Casey Kriutzfield shed some light on the NORAD Tracks Santa Azure architecture allowing for some impressive page view metrics. (image) I’m Casey Kriutzfield. One of the leads for NORAD Tracks Santa. For the past several years, we’ve been a key partner in the NORAD Tracks Santa website. Along with ...

Conflicting Principles; DevOps VS ITIL.

On the surface DevOps and ITIL seem to be contradictory practices, with the former being more used in development work and the latter being more used for services/operations. However, if we drill down into their fundamentals you will find that DevOps cannot exist in its entirety without a framework such as ITIL.

Legacy Apps

Many developers have had the opportunity to inherit code and applications. When that happens the first response is often to want to rewrite, refactor or kill it if it is using older or unsupported technologies. Oftentimes, we also have to consider modern design and improvement to existing technologies that have made the application obsolete.

Insights to Application Awareness and Understanding

Application Insights is an Azure-hosted service which provides for in-depth application monitoring, whether running in the cloud or on-premise. It provides powerful tools for monitoring, analysis, and diagnosis, with capabilities such as live metrics streaming, tracking response times and failure rates, and much more.