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Mindset & Culture at Microsoft

For a few days afterwards that moment kept replaying in my head making me think about the mindset and culture of a company like Microsoft. How being part of a community of learners who are encouraged to “stretch” one’s skills and experiences really does make a difference both personally and professionally.

Want to be an ADM?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with customers who challenge me every day with questions that test my knowledge and experience, my ability to learn, my ability to research, and almost paramount, my ability to network amongst the vast expert resources in our consulting, support engineering, and product management teams. 

Microsoft Disaster Response: Another great reason to work for Microsoft

This post is provided by App Dev Manager Rich Maines who shares his experience volunteering with Microsoft Services Disaster Response.(image) “When a disaster occurs, you’ve entered a “new reality,” says Lewis Curtis, director of Microsoft Services Disaster Response. It won’t be enough to simply restore your systems and applications ...