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Deep Dive into Social Media Analytics

Daniel Kim shares a two-part series exploring how to use Social Media, Azure Synapse & Power BI to make Insightful decisions with Social Media Analytics. Imagine you are a product developer for a healthcare company who wants to find trending topics around your recently developed product - or - you are a researcher for a company who ...

Data modeling for Power BI

Data Modeling is used to connect multiple data sources in Power BI tool using a relationship. A relationship defines how data sources are connected with each other. In order for you to get the most out of your data it is important to follow several Power BI data modeling best practices.

Azure DevOps Cross-Organization Reporting and Analysis using Power BI

In this post, App Dev Manager Andy Moore shows how to create cross-organizational reports for Azure DevOps with Power BI. When using Azure DevOps to manage teams, backlogs, work items and bugs there are tools available for quick reporting and understanding of the current state of the project. Dashboards provide an easily digestible view...