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Upgrade Spring Boot App to Java 11 (LTS): What’s to be done in project config and Azure DevOps Pipelines

As one of the most popular open source platforms, Java has accelerated its release cadence to 6 months after the debute of Java 9. Enterprise application systems usually are built upon Long Term Support (LTS) version. The current Java LTS is version 11, although massive systems are lagged in Java 8 which is the previous LTS released in 2015.

Monitoring a Java App Service Web App

In the following article by Premier Developer consultant Kurt Schenk, he explains how to monitor a Java app using Tomcat running on Windows. When deploying a Java Azure App Service Web App, there are some great tools you can use for monitoring. Before describing these tools, I will first share some background about operating systems and ...

Getting Started with Java on Azure

This post is provided by App Dev Managers, Derrick Sharpe and Andrea Martini, who spotlight the use of Java on Windows Azure.Many people are surprised to hear that running Java on Microsoft Azure is even possible, but there are many large, Java-based production applications running in the Microsoft Cloud. Azure provides numerous resources just...